clogged guttersIt is inevitable that debris will fall into your gutters. If ignored, this debris will continue to accumulate and, eventually, will cause your gutter system to clog. This can result in overflow, which can create water damage from your home’s roof right down to its foundation. Certainly, then, preventing clogged gutters is an important home maintenance responsibility.

You can protect your property against the dangers of a clogged gutter system in several ways. Here are three of the most important.

  1. Clean your gutters regularly. At least one cleaning per year is necessary, although two are encouraged. Cleaning after the spring and fall seasons will clear leaves, twigs, pollen, pine cones, and other debris out of the gutter troughs and downspouts, allowing your gutter system to continue working properly. If your home is surrounded by foliage, this might need to be done more often.
  2. Trim the trees on your property. Trimming back tree branches can reduce the amount of debris that falls into your home’s gutter system. Done once a year, this task can protect your home against water damage and other hazards associated with a close proximity to foliage, such as the risk of fire or large branches damaging the roof.
  3. Install a gutter cleaning prevention system. Leaf Slugger’s gutter cleaning prevention system fits over your home’s gutters to keep debris out. Additionally, the system manages the flow of water to ensure that precipitation is directed away from your home. Better yet, a gutter cleaning prevention system will virtually eliminate the need to clean your gutters, as the debris will not enter the gutter troughs in the first place.

A free consultation with the professionals at Leaf Slugger will provide you with all the details regarding your home’s gutter cleaning prevention needs. These experts can answer any and all questions about the system, how it will affect your home, and why it is a great investment.