Everyone has heard of them and many people have fallen for the scam around them, gutter guard screens simply do not work how they should. Screens don’t live up to the expectations and the promises made by the companies who make and install them. While there are many reasons to avoid gutter guard screens, here are the top five:

1. They clog up. Not just that, but they will clog up much faster than you would expect them to. Within months of installing these mesh screens on your gutters, they will begin to fill the holes and gaps with anything from pine tree needles to mud and droppings from birds. Once these mesh screens get clogged, they simply stop working and can cause any number of problems to your home and property.

2. They require maintenance. Unlike gutter guards that have a more solid top with specially designed inlets for water, screens need to be cleaned and unclogged at least a couple of times each year. If you are unable to do this yourself, it can be an expensive. The whole reason guards are installed is to eliminate maintenance. Having to clean them is just as bad as not having the product and cleaning your gutters out like before.

3. Screens can damage your gutters. After a screen starts to clog up with dirt and debris, it will begin to form a kind of miniature dam in your gutters. This means that all of those leaves that fall onto your roof will not even get washed down to the ground, they will just pile up at the edge of the roof and collect more debris with them. This can cause major problems and compromise the structural integrity of your gutters. With enough debris and enough weight piled on, gutters have been known to begin bending. If left alone and not completely cleaned out and emptied, they can cause gutters to simply fall off the roof, causing even more damage and harm.

4. Water doesn’t actually go in to the gutters. When using a gutter guard screen, water from rain will usually just run down your roof, on to the screen and keep flowing all the way past the gutter and in to your yard. Instead of attracting water into the gutters, mesh screens only direct water to keep on flowing down and over the edge. This can create major problems for home owners. It will make large pools of water on their property, overload septic tanks and can even rip out or kill grass and plants during heavy rains.

5. Icicles. During the winter months, gutter guard screens act as portals for icicles to form on. Because they have very porous surfaces and are lodged firmly into place on top of the gutters and hanging over the edge, icicles form very easily on them During long and extended periods of cold weather and snow, the added weight from icicles will bend and damage your gutters. With enough weight and time, they can rip gutters off from rooftops.

If you are consider a gutter protection system, consider a proven system that is proven to last.