America’s Favorite Gutter Cover

About Leaf Slugger

At Leaf Slugger, we are people with a true zeal for gutter protection. That might seem, at first blush, like a strange thing to be passionate about. Most people don’t spend much time thinking about gutter protection at all, but that’s the very reason we feel so strongly about it-we know that it’s far too often neglected, and we’re enthusiastic for helping address your gutter protection needs so that you don’t have to!

We believe that what we offer our clients is truly meaningful. Our gutter protection technology keeps homeowners from having to clean their gutters, which not only saves them time but also saves them from potentially life-threatening accidents. What’s more, our gutter protection products can make a whole world of difference in protecting homes from moisture and water damage.

The Origins of Leaf Slugger

Our company was founded in 2001 in the beautiful hills of Hickory, North Carolina. We began with two core principles-quality and value-and with these two facts:

  • That in the United States, there is a $100 billion industry to repair problems related to water damage-problems that are almost always avoidable through proper gutter protection.
  • Inferior gutter protection techniques have been around ever since 1906 when chicken wire was first used to guard gutters against debris.

From there, we surveyed the most common problems with existing gutter protection technology-and applied our own expertise and innovation to come up with viable solutions:

Attaching a gutter protection product to a gutter actually weakens the gutter.

We designed our unique Speed Bracket-which actually strengthens gutters when it’s applied properly.

A gutter protection product must allow water into the gutter while keeping debris out.

Our product has a water-directing opening of just 3/8″-the smallest in the industry!

Gutter protection technology must be stable enough that it won’t blow away in severe weather.

Our technology is tested and certified to withstand 110 mile-per-hour wind loads and up to 190 pounds of pressure. You can stand on this product and it won’t break!

The system must also be strong enough to handle huge volumes of water, snow, and ice.

We innovated an attachment system that keeps our product anchored to the roof and to the gutter.

And those aren’t the only concerns we address, either. We loaded our product with other features.

Additional incorporated features:

  • We make our product with primary materials-including the thickest (.027 gauge) aluminum used in the industry to ensure it has a long life.
  • We designed the product with installation flexibility; attach it to either the roof or the fascia board.
  • Our gutter protection system has the lowest profile in the industry, ensuring it looks great with your roofline!
  • Our system is designed to attach on top of your existing gutters, which not only saves you from costly replacements, but it is also Earth-friendly!
  • Our product comes in a dozen different colors that’s eight more than what most other companies offer!
  • Leaf Slugger’s products are all proudly made in America.

A Growing Company, A Successful Company

Through tough economic times and ever-changing industry, many companies that manufacture gutter protection products have failed to last-but Leaf Slugger continues to thrive, thanks entirely to the high quality of our product. Our company has grown every year since its inception, and to date, we’ve installed our product on more than 100,000 gutters. That’s more than 15 million feet of gutter protection!

Our Warranty

Leaf Slugger offers a warranty on our product-but the truth is, you won’t need it. We almost never get warranty or service calls, because our product simply works. It’s designed to do precisely what it says it does, and that is to protect your home and your gutters, without fail!

Thanks to You

We like to think that part of our company’s success comes from our fine product, but we know that, ultimately, it’s because of our loyal customers. We offer our sincere thanks to you, for choosing to protect your family and your home with the products from the Leaf Slugger family.