Water is a resource that we use each and every day. An essential part of our lifestyles, we may not even realize how much water we actually use. From bathing to washing dishes to cooking to watering our gardens, we use gallon upon gallon of this limited resource. Because water is limited, and droughts can further reduce its availability, it is important that we conserve as much of it as possible. While some cities have already taken steps to conserving water by restricting the use of sprinklers to one or two days a week, we can all pitch in by installing rain barrels.

Rain barrels are, quite simply, barrels that collect the rain that falls from your home’s downspouts. This rain can be used in a variety of ways, depending upon your needs and your ability to filter it. However, regardless of if you use it just to water plants or for a long list of other purposes, using a rain barrel will conserve this precious resource and save you money on your monthly water bill.

  • Most frequently, rain barrels are used to collect water for landscaping purposes. This water is used to nurture gardens and other landscaping.
  • If you are able to filter your water, rain barrels can supplement your home’s available drinking water. Rain water is, naturally, soft. This means that it does not contain minerals, chemicals, or other harmful substances. Treatment with the right filtration system can create delicious and healthy drinking water that your family will enjoy.
  • The soft nature of rainwater makes it better suited for watering gardens and plants than water from your hose. Without the extra chemicals, such as chlorine and fluoride, rainwater is able to hydrate plants without subjecting them to harmful substances.

To collect safe, clean rainwater, you need clean gutters and downspouts. Leaf Slugger’s water management system can optimize the functionality of your gutters, allowing you to conserve water and save on your monthly bills!