clean guttersWhile gutters are meant to displace water away from your home, a gutter clogged with leaves and debris could result in even more damage than no gutters at all. Cleaning your gutters may not be on your list of favorite things, but in three easy steps you can have the task taken care of. Before beginning any home maintenance project, make sure you have the proper equipment and always put safety first.

You’ll need protective gloves, a garden hose, a plumber’s snake, a stiff brush, a bucket and a ladder. When using your ladder, never stand on the top two steps and always make sure it is grounded firmly on level land. With the right tools and the proper safety procedures you’re on your way to cleaning your gutters in no time.

Step One: Remove All Debris

With your protective gloves on, remove any debris from your gutters. Take out any leaves, twigs or dried up mud so that water can flow away from your home easily. Use your stiff brush to loosen any mud or hardened debris and pile everything into your bucket.

Step Two: Rinse Away Blockages

Rinse off any remaining debris with your garden hose. Place the nozzle of the hose near the downspout and let the water run through at full force. If water does not exit easily and at an even pace, your downspout will need to be cleared of clogs.

Feed your plumber’s snake into the downspouts to unclog any remaining debris. Finish by flushing with water once more. Once clear, the water should exit smoothly from the downspout.

Step Three: Maintenance

To maintain clean gutters and keep them working properly, install a gutter cleaning prevention system. This will serve to deflect debris from entering your gutters while still allowing water to pass through. When seeking a durable option, consider a Leaf Slugger gutter cleaning prevention system. Visit Leaf Slugger today for more information.