gutter-cleaning-attachmentsBecause gutter cleaning is, in all honesty, not the most exciting task in the world, homeowners are constantly looking for new ways to make the process a bit easier. Oftentimes, they turn to common household items to assist in their efforts to keep their gutters clean. From pressure washers to gutter scoops, many tools are available to help homeowners keep their gutter systems in working order. One of the most convenient is the wet/dry vac.

The idea of vacuuming your gutters may sound a bit absurd, but Craftsman has made a gutter cleaning accessory kit that allows you to clean your gutters with ease. Whether you want to vacuum the debris out of your gutters or blow it away, you can do so with the right wet/dry vac equipment.

The Craftsman kit, in particular, offers several attachments that enable you to reach your gutters without having to lug a ladder around your property. This kit includes:

  1. Extension wands (two)
  2. Blower nozzle
  3. Gutter nozzle

Simply attach the extension wands to your vacuum’s hose. Then, depending on if you want to vacuum or blow away the debris in your gutters, attach the gutter nozzle or the blower nozzle. These nozzles have a bend at the end, allowing them to reach down into the gutters while you stay firmly on the ground. While you may want to scale the ladder to ensure that you have removed all the debris after you have finished your work, the ability to clean your gutters from the ground makes this task safer and more efficient.

Of course, it would be ideal if you never had to clean your gutters again. Leaf Slugger’s gutter cleaning prevention system allows you to protect your gutters against debris—meaning that your gutters will never become clogged with leaves, twigs, and other items. With Leaf Slugger, you can eliminate the need to clean your gutters ever again.