Gutters offer essential protection to your home by siphoning water that would otherwise collect on your rooftop. By redirecting water in this way, you avoid potential water and foundation damage to your home. An effective gutter cleaning prevention system helps keep gutters working properly by preventing debris buildup that blocks the flow of water.

When choosing your gutter cleaning prevention system, you have several options. Become familiar with how each system works in order to choose which is best for your home.

  • Micromesh systems pass water through a fine filter, preventing debris from passing. However, this system can still become clogged with debris. In addition, larger branches could pierce the thin mesh, rendering it useless.
  • Reverse curve metal systems use an innovative design that prevents debris from building up by pushing it off the metal frame as it collects. At the same time, a potential buyer needs to understand that this unique design has the tendency to attract wasps and hornets as they often build nests inside the system.
  • Slit systems or hole-style systems siphon water through a hole that drops into the gutter. Just like with the reverse curve metal, these systems have a tendency to draw wasps and hornets to build their nests inside.
  • Plastic or metal punch sheet covers let water pass through a series of small holes. These covers are often flimsy and therefore, have a tendency to warp in the heat or from too much water flow.
  • Sponge and pipe cleaner covers allow for water to seep through while keeping out debris. However, grit and seeds can collect in these systems causing blockages

Factor in your climate and type of debris when choosing a gutter system. Extreme temperatures or wind can warp flimsy material while a milder climate can sustain it longer.  If your house is surrounded by trees that drop leaves, seed and grit, consider a more durable gutter system.

Your gutter cleaning prevention system should offer a long-term solution and provide effective drainage without much maintenance. When seeking a durable option, consider a Leaf Slugger gutter cleaning prevention system. Visit Leaf Slugger today to learn more.