Gutters are an essential part of the home that, unfortunately, do not always receive the attention they deserve. For many homeowners, gutter systems are virtual non-issues until they break or are noticed by a home repair professional, such as a member of a roofing company. In fact, roofing companies may often ask their clients if they want their gutters replaced along with their roofs—an option that many homeowners are unaware that they have.

However tempting it may be to simply replace the roof and the gutters in one go, the truth is that most gutters do not need to be replaced. In fact, the process is in many cases an unnecessary expense. If they do need replacing, homeowners often overlook important details that should be attended to. This is particularly true if they are relying on the services of a roofing company with regard to their gutter replacement.

Arrol Gellner recently wrote an article that provides four tips for homeowners who are considering gutter replacement:

  1. Do your gutters leak? Do they have holes in them or do they hang crookedly? If not, you do not need new gutters.
  2. If there is a leak in your gutter system, can it be repaired? This is often a much less expensive fix than replacing the entire gutter system, which can become a significant investment.
  3. Rely upon the expertise of a disinterested third party when a roofing company recommends a new gutter system. Should you invest in a new system? If so, what kind of gutters would best suit your house?
  4. Remember that your gutters are not invisible and, in many cases, can impact the curb appeal of your home. As such, take the responsibility of choosing the right gutter material, profile, and size seriously.

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