rain barrelsRain barrels are used to catch the runoff water from your roof – saving you money on water bills and creating cleaner soil and less erosion from storms. Attach a hose to the barrel for watering plants or use the collected water supply to fill up your watering cans. Rain barrels offer a free source of water and allow a homeowner to break from relying on the city’s water supply. Rainwater can even be filtered into healthy drinking water with the right filtration system.

Unless you plan to run your tap water through a Brita® water filter system each morning, your plants are getting dowsed with inorganic ions and fluoride compounds. This runs into the soil and accumulates over the years, potentially harming future plant growth and the life of microorganisms. There’s no doubt that a rain barrel can benefit your home, garden and the greater environment – but how easy are they to implement into your day-to-day life?

You can easily create a money-saving rain barrel using household items and parts you might already have on hand. Rain barrels can be built from any wood or plastic barrel – such as an old trashcan, a pool skimmer bucket or a window screen that can act as a filter. To drain collected water, place your rain barrel on an elevated surface. You can create a slight elevation by stacking bricks or rocks under one side of the barrel.

Additionally, you can prevent mosquitos and algae from breeding in your rain barrel by covering it with an airtight lid and adding a screen to assist in keeping debris out of your water. Since rainwater gathered in a rain barrel is collected directly from gutters, Leaf Slugger recommends using a gutter cleaning prevention system to maintain a clean water source.

A gutter cleaning prevention system would not only allow for cleaner collected water but would also improve the functionality of your gutters. To learn more visit Leaf Slugger today.