Gutter cleaning is a dangerous activity. From the ladder to the actual cleaning out of the gutters, the task encompasses many hazards. But teaching your kids to clean gutters—or having your family help you with the task—is possible. In fact, it can make it easier. When making gutter cleaning a family activity, though, it is important that you keep some crucial safety tips in mind.

Here are some of the ways that you can get family members involved in gutter cleaning:

  • Whoever is climbing up the ladder to perform the gutter cleaning—be it yourself or a family member—must remember to make safety a priority. This means no one is to walk under the ladder and no equipment is to be dropped from the ladder.
  • Walk everyone through safety measures before gutter cleaning commences. This includes reinforcing the use of proper safety equipment, including safety goggles and gloves.
  • Assign a set task to each person, making it easier for them to know what is expected of them during the cleaning process. This is particularly important if you have younger kids who want to get involved. For example, assign the task of raking up the debris after it is cleared to kids. This will allow them to stay safe on the ground without excluding them.
  • Remember that you have several options when it comes to gutter cleaning, and some of these options are safer than others. Consider using the ladder, a pressure washer, or a wet/dry vac when planning your gutter cleaning.
  • Turn this into a learning experience while keeping your family safe. While you or another family member is cleaning the gutters, keep kids occupied by explaining why gutter cleaning is important and why it is dangerous.

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