Gutter Cleaning Tools – Why You need An All-In-One Solution

When it comes to ridding your gutters from dirt, leaves and debris, gutter cleaning tools come in handy. You start looking at the different tools that can help you effectively remove the debris from your gutters, while at the same time leaving then sparkling clean.

The result of such a search usually leads to buying different tools, each being limited to only one aspect of the gutter cleaning process. The question is; is there a single tool or solution that has all functionality and cleaning aspects in one? Below are some of the different gutter cleaning tools. Let’s explore each before answering the question above.

Gutter Cleaning Tools

1. The gutter cleaning robots

Although they can do the cleaning job well, these robots have a number of shortcomings. To start with, you will need to get them in to the gutters. You therefore need a ladder. When in the gutters, they can easily get stuck and it will be up to you to figure out where they got stuck. Then you head up the ladder or to the roof to free them so that they can continue with their job. Of course, freeing them the first time does not mean that they won’t get stuck again.

These cleaning robots are also quite expensive to buy and maintain. They also run on electric power which is generated by their rechargeable battery. This means that if there is water in the gutters at the time of cleaning, you run the risk of getting an electric shock.

2. Gutter cleaning tongs

These are the tools that act like your hands when you are cleaning the gutters. They do a good job of grabbing the leaves and large sticks that are stuck in the gutters. However, they are not good when it comes to removing the tiny debris, the grit, and also the water that stands in the gutters. In other words, they are not fully efficient in completing the whole gutter cleaning job. Further more, they can only work for a limited height, so higher roofs will need another solution.

3. The gutter cleaning vacuum attachment

This gutter cleaning option is very efficient at ridding the gutters from the leaves, dirt and water. However, they can easily get clogged up especially if you are removing wet debris. Removing these clogs is time consuming, making the whole gutter cleaning process cumbersome and unenjoyable. The clogging can also easily bring about malfunction of this tool, rendering it useless until it is repaired or replaced.

4. Gutter cleaning hose attachment

This tool works by shooting water into the gutters during the cleaning process. However, they way they shoot the water is not efficient enough to push the debris out of the gutters. Washing all of the large debris into the downspouts could cause the downspouts to become clogged as well. The hose attachment is also not ideal if you are not ready to get all wet and dirty as you clean up your gutters. They are short and cannot extend far enough to allow you a distance away from the wet debris that is falling out of the gutters.

What’s the all-in-one gutter cleaning solution?

As clearly noted above, each of these tools can not aid you to do a complete gutter cleaning on their own. To avoid all this struggle, check into Leaf Slugger for complete solution to eliminating gutter cleaning. It is an all in one gutter cleaning solution and water management system to prevent clogged gutters and to control water and safely remove it away from your home.