A priority of many homeowners is to create curb appeal for their property. When neighbors drive by, they want their homes to look fantastic. To create the desired effect, many homeowners invest in new exterior paint, shutters, patio furniture, landscaping, and mailboxes. Naturally, then, you may be a bit hesitant to invest in a product that detracts from your home’s curb appeal. Luckily for you (and your gutters), a gutter cleaning prevention system will only add to the curb appeal of your home!

A Streamlined Profile

Gutter protection systems, like Leaf Slugger, attach to your home’s roof and cover the gutters, keeping debris out and managing the flow of water away from your house. As a result, you may think that a gutter cleaning prevention system would look bulky or awkward on your home. Leaf Slugger, the leading gutter protection system, has been designed to streamline the look of your property.

Through a special installation technique, Leaf Slugger simply extends the roofline and prevents unsightly debris from building up in your home’s gutter system! Simultaneously, Leaf Slugger strengthens your gutters and prevents water damage and other costly issues.

Matching Your Home’s Aesthetic

While Leaf Slugger will not take center stage, it will be visible from the road. For this reason, it is important that the product accentuates your home’s curb appeal. To achieve this goal, the manufacturers of Leaf Slugger have made it available in 12 different colors, all of which are accompanied by a 20 year warranty on their finish. This extensive selection allows you to choose a color that matches your home perfectly.

Your home is one of the largest investments you will make, so it is only natural that you want to take great care of it. Creating a beautiful home means seeing to the quality of the structure and the aesthetic nature of your property. Leaf Slugger, by providing a beautiful gutter protection system, helps you do both!