Because your gutters protect your home from water damage and other problems, it is important to keep them working optimally. Knowing when your gutters need repair can prove difficult if you don’t know the signs of damage for which to look. Here are some of the key indicators that your gutter system needs a bit of TLC:

  1. Cracks in the surface of gutters. These cracks can result in the mismanagement of water, which can create water damage within your home. Even if these cracks are small they should be addressed quickly, as they can easily become larger over time.
  2. Peeling paint on and around your gutters. If your gutters have been painted, peeling and bubbling of paint can indicate that water is somehow leaking. Likewise, this telltale sign may be present on the painted surfaces of your home. Check the areas above and below the gutters for any issues.
  3. Water marks and tiger striping. Tiger striping occurs when water overflows and runs down the sides of your home’s gutters. Likewise, water marks indicate that precipitation is not flowing away from your home as it should.
  4. Clogs due to debris, including leaves, twigs, branches, etc. If your gutters do not have a Leaf Slugger gutter protection system, they can easily fill with this debris. When this occurs, the water becomes blocked and cannot properly drain through downspouts. This also leads to overflows and water damage.
  5. Gutters that are sagging or pulling away from the house. This happens for several reasons, including heavy clogs and weak structural support. Keeping gutters clean of debris will alleviate this issue, but the brackets holding the gutters in place may need to be reinforced. Leaf Slugger achieves this goal, as it strengthens existing gutter systems tremendously.

If your gutters are showing signs of clogs, water overflow, and weakness, now is a great time to consider investing in the Leaf Slugger water management system!