America’s Favorite Gutter Cover

Leaf Slugger Offers Two Kinds of Gutter Protection

For total gutter protection and the highest standards of water management, look no further than to Leaf Slugger’s patented gutter protection technology. Superior to gutter guards, gutter covers, and gutter caps, our Leaf Slugger protects your gutters by properly regulating water flow. Ultimately, our technology offers maximum protection for your home, and it saves you the trouble of having to clean your gutters!

Leaf Slugger prevents build-ups in your gutters, eliminating the need for manual cleaning, but that’s not all it does. Our technology also protects your property and your landscaping from the threat of moisture damage, acting as an organic extension of your roof and properly regulating and controlling the flow of water.

The Benefits of Leaf Slugger Gutter Protection

  • It permanently prevents build-ups, ice dams, and overflow water damage.
  • It properly regulates water flow, allowing your gutters to function the way they are supposed to.
  • It is Earth-friendly, using your existing gutters but making them more effective.
  • It extends the life of your existing gutters.
  • Leaf Slugger is made from the strongest materials in the industry—meaning you can literally stand on it! This system is built to withstand strong winds and heavy loads of water.
  • It can be seamlessly, organically integrated with your existing roofline.
  • It is virtually undetectable, meaning it offers the best curb appeal on the market!
  • Leaf Slugger is priced competitively, even to far lesser systems.

Leaf Slugger – Savings and Protection

Ultimately, Leaf Slugger is a great investment for your home. It will save you the time and expense of gutter cleaning and replacement, and it will protect your home from the threat of water damage. To learn more about Leaf Slugger’s system, call or e-mail us today!