America’s Favorite Gutter Cover

How it Works

Your gutter system is an essential part of your home. It offers you protection against water damage by collecting rainwater, as well as the water that comes from melting ice and snow. In order to truly keep your house safe, a gutter must process huge volumes of water and offer efficient water control – something most gutters simply are not designed to do. That’s where Leaf Slugger’s patented system comes into play.

Your Gutters and Your Home

When there is a heavy capacity of water or a clog in the gutter, it can cause water to overflow, crashing down like a waterfall around the base of your home. This can lead to damaging issues regarding your foundation or even your basement, and it can also damage your soil and ruin your landscaping.

Moisture Damage Behind the Gutter

Even water that falls behind your gutters can cause significant damage. Thousands of gallons of water can run over your siding, windows, and doors, and ultimately lead to problems that include rot, mold, insect infestation, peeling, and more. Moisture can get trapped behind the gutters and cause long-term damage, as well.

What Leaf Slugger Does

Leaf Slugger’s patented system begins where your roof ends; it fits on top of your existing gutters and offers effective water management. Leaf Slugger relies on the laws of water adhesion to ensure that water is properly and efficiently transported to where it needs to go; it is guaranteed to keep your gutters functioning the way they are meant to.

Protect Your Gutters with Leaf Slugger

Leaf Slugger is simply the most effective solution for protecting your gutters – as well as your home. Eliminate the threat of moisture damage, as well as the need for cleaning your gutters, by contacting us about Leaf Slugger today!