The answer to how often you should clean your gutters depends on why exactly they need cleaning in the first place. A good rule of thumb is to clean gutters about twice a year – with one cleaning after the leaves have dropped. Some factors that contribute to an increase in your gutter cleaning routine include:

  • The presence of trees
  • Heavy or frequent rainfall
  • The placement of your home

If you have trees nearby, it is recommended that you clean out your gutters several times a year. Consider cleaning gutter buildup after autumn, spring and severe weather.

Flowers and bud shells can accumulate in the spring and clog your gutters. Some trees, such as oaks, drop leaves all winter long. Get to know the trees surrounding your house to know if you should check your gutters for leaf buildup during the winter months, as well.

If you’re lucky enough to have a tree-filled yard (or in this case, unlucky enough), it is wise to check your gutters more often. Be observant of your neighbor’s trees as well – those shrubs you put in place to block your view of your neighbor sunbathing may not block his tree foliage from clogging your gutters. Also, if your home is positioned in such a way that you are at a lower elevation than the homes around you, your gutters could get clogged with their debris.

It doesn’t take much to clog a gutter and cause a flooded yard or even a ruined foundation. You’ll want to make sure water and snow melt can easily flow through your home’s gutter system all year long. Consider installing a gutter cleaning prevention system to keep your gutters clean throughout the year. Leaf Slugger’s gutter cleaning prevention system can keep your home’s gutters clean so that you don’t have to.