Gutter Protection

Gutter Protection

Homeowners are almost always looking for new ways to improve the cost-efficiency of their properties. From turning off the lights when you leave a room to turning off the water when brushing your teeth, there are many ways in which you can decrease the bills associated with home ownership. But what about bigger investments that can be made to lower the cost of maintaining your property? For the majority of homeowners, a proper gutter protection system is a wonderful investment that not only decreases maintenance costs, but prevents repair costs as well.

What, Exactly, Is Gutter Protection?

A gutter protection system, also called a water management system or gutter cleaning prevention system, is attached to a house’s gutters. This system serves three purposes: it prevents clogs by keeping debris out of the gutters, it strengthens the gutter system as a whole, and it directs the flow of water effectively. Not all systems fulfill all three of these missions, but the Leaf Slugger water management system is able to offer all of these facets of protection.

How Does Leaf Slugger Earn a Return on Your Investment?

The Leaf Slugger gutter cleaning prevention system is a good investment because it is, financially, worthwhile. Here are some of the ways in which this gutter protection system will save you money:

  1. Leaf Slugger prevents debris from building up in your gutters, meaning that you never have to hire a gutter cleaning service again. This can save homeowners between 75 and 500 dollars each year, depending upon their location.
  2. Because Leaf Slugger bolsters your existing gutter system, it extends the life of your gutters and prevents you from having to invest in a costly new system. Replacing gutters, brackets, downspouts, etc. is an extremely large and expensive undertaking that Leaf Slugger may help you avoid.
  3. Dysfunctional gutters can cause water damage, which Leaf Slugger prevents. This has the potential to save thousands of dollars in repair bills.

As you can see, the right gutter protection system is worth every penny!