So you know that cleaning your home’s gutters is important. You have done the research, purchased the equipment, and set aside two weekends per year, at least, to tackle this project. But do you remember the last time you cleaned your gutters? Did you clean them before or after the spring season? Is it time to clean them again, or can it wait for a few months?

These questions can all be answered with the implementation of an organized and well-kept gutter cleaning schedule. Penciling your gutter cleaning into your calendar (either traditional or electronic) will help you keep your gutter system on a routine cleaning schedule. If your goal is to prevent clogged gutters, water damage, and all of the expensive repairs that can come with them, this is important.

Here are some ways to help you make time to clean your gutters:

  • Schedule the task in advance so you do not make conflicting plans.
  • Turn the weekend into a family effort to improve the home so you will not miss out on quality time. While you clean the gutters, have other family members do yard work, touch up your home’s paint, etc.
  • Prepare for the task prior to undertaking it. The weekend before you plan to clean your gutter system, check all of the equipment you will need and make any repairs or replacements necessary.

But there is a way that you can eliminate this task altogether. That’s right—you can erase gutter cleaning from your calendar and reclaim the weekends you previously lost to the project. By investing in a gutter cleaning prevention system, such as Leaf Slugger, you can keep debris from entering your gutters. With Leaf Slugger, your gutters will remain clear year-round, allowing them to effectively manage the flow of water and protect your home against the damage that water can cause.