America’s Favorite Gutter Cover

Financial Protection

There are several ways in which having the right gutter guards can save you money right here and now:

  • It reduces the likelihood of medical expenses. Cleaning gutters can prove hazardous to your health, both because of mold and allergens as well as the possibility of an accident. With Leaf Slugger™, you won’t have to clean your gutters any longer, which means those medical bills are no longer a concern!
  • It eliminates the need to pay for professional gutter cleaning services. That can save you hundreds of dollars a year, potentially.
  • It can save you the expense of making costly repairs to your home. The vast majority of gutters do not properly regulate water flow—80 percent of them, in fact. This can lead to significant moisture problems for your house. You won’t have to make any costly repairs with the effective Leaf Slugger water management technology.
  • It also saves you the expense of a new gutter system. This product is installed on top of your existing gutter. The savings here could be hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

Leaf Slugger™ – Save Money Later

Leaf Slugger™ saves you money over the long haul, as well. Products that work correctly do not have to be replaced; Additionally, Leaf Slugger™ strengthens and ultimately extends the life of your gutters, and offers long-term protection for your home. To start saving money now, contact us about Leaf Slugger™ today!