leaking-roofWe’re well past the point of April showers and spring rains, yet as the summer continues—and many areas of the country enjoy unpredictably wet seasons—some homeowners are encountering some rather unexpected surprises. A leaky roof is just about the last thing any homeowner wants to discover, in large part because nobody wants to have to get up on the roof to fix it!

That a leaky roof needs urgent attention is a no-brainer; water damage aside, the constant dripping alone would drive any homeowner up the walls! As for how to handle the situation, remember these few pointers:

1.  The first thing to remember is that, if you’ve got a leak, then there’s clearly been some damage done to your roof—but the inside of your house may still be fine. Controlling interior damage is the first step, and it’s as simple as moving items that you don’t want to get water-damaged, as well as putting down some sort of container to catch the drip.

2.  The next step: Call your insurance agent. Depending on your policy and the amount of damage done, this may or may not yield any results. Calling your agent immediately is still a good step, however, as they can help you inspect the damage and determine what can and should be done about it.

3.  A thorough inspection of the roof and the gutters is important for assessing the damage, and ensuring that it does not become worse. Look for any obvious indicators of standing or pooled water. Also make sure that the gutters are all totally clear of debris or clogs; this ensures proper water management, and prevents further problems.

4.  Remember that gutters are not always the cause of a leaky roof. The problem may be with the flashing, particularly surrounding chimneys or vents. Inspect the flashing to see if it appears to be old or damaged; that may be where the problem lies.

5.  Finally, there are a couple of professionals you’re going to want to call. The first, naturally, is a licensed roofing contractor, to make the necessary repairs. Attempting these repairs yourself can be very dangerous. Additionally, call a pest control expert, as pests may be the cause, or the result, of your leak!

It’s worth remembering that properly functioning gutters can go a long way toward preventing any of this from ever happening—and the Leaf Slugger water management system has the added bonus of ensuring you never have to brave a trip up to the roof to clean or unclog your gutters!