With hurricane season upon us, and tropical storms having already hit the east coast, it is high time for homeowners to start preparing their properties for severe weather. Getting your house ready to brave summer weather may be simpler than you think. In just one afternoon, you can safeguard your home against the dangers that heavy rain and high winds present.

Of course, the amount of severe weather protection that your home needs depends largely upon your geographic location. Here are a few tips to help homeowners across the country prepare for severe weather:

  1. If you live along the east coast and your area is prone to hurricanes, make sure that your hurricane shutters are ready for action. Look over your shutters and your windows to ensure that each shutter will be easily installed when necessary. If any shutters are bent, screws missing, etc., replace the necessary items so that you can quickly prepare your home for the next storm.
  2. If you live in Tornado Alley and have a storm cellar or basement, go through the space to make sure it is clean and that all doors latch properly. Replace any rusted hardware, such as door knobs and hinges that may not stand up to a tornado. Clean the area to ensure that your family has a safe place to ride out any severe weather.
  3. Check for signs of improper drainage in your yard. If any gutters, downspouts, or other drainage components are not working properly, address the issue so that your home is not subject to a flood or standing water.
  4. Clean a space in the garage for your outdoor furniture. If you do not have the extra space, purchase enough chains and locks to secure all of your furniture to your home. Make sure that, before severe weather strikes, all outdoor items are anchored or stored inside if possible.

By keeping your gutters clean and strong, the Leaf Slugger gutter cleaning prevention system can provide year-round, effortless severe weather protection.