With spring now well behind us and the summer heat creeping in, most homeowners are now in summer lawn maintenance mode. You spent the spring re-mulching and re-potting, and you’ve got your yard looking as elegant and colorful as you want it. Now that summer is here, your job is to keep everything growing properly, making sure the plants are watered and the grass is trimmed.

Of course, all it takes is one act of nature to send your best lawn care intentions out the window. What most homeowners fear, in this day and age, is drought. However, there’s another option to have on your radar, and that’s flooding. Yes, it’s possible that your plants could literally drown—and it doesn’t take a lot of rain to do it, either. All it takes is a faulty gutter.

If your gutters aren’t working properly—if leafs and debris are clogging them up—then you’re going to have water spilling over the side of your gutters in large volumes. More likely than not, it’s falling right onto the plants you so carefully cultivated below. A deluge like this, caused by a bad gutter system, can kill your plants by overwatering. At the very least, the sheer force of the water can leave them looking mangled and disfigured.

It’s not just your plants that suffer, though. This kind of water damage also leads to soil erosion. All of that mulching and fertilizing that you so painstakingly undertook can be undone with one big rain—if your gutters are not properly protected.

This, of course, is one big reason why protecting your gutters from clogs and build-ups is so vital. Protecting your gutters also means protecting your landscaping.  Rather than let all your hard work in the yard be washed away, consider getting some protection for your gutters today.