Safety-Goggles-And-Gutter-CleaningCleaning your gutters is a must if you don’t have a Leaf Slugger gutter cleaning prevention system. An annual or bi-annual activity, depending on your home’s needs, it is important that you make safety your first priority when cleaning your gutter system. Investing in a great pair of safety glasses is a must when tackling this home maintenance project.

Level of Protection

When looking for a new pair of safety glasses, keep in mind the kinds of things against which these glasses will need to protect your eyes. While cleaning your gutters, you will need to shield your eyes from flying objects and small dust and pollen particles. For this reason, a pair of goggles is probably your best bet.

You may also consider goggles that have UV protection, as you will most likely be working in the sun.

Features to Look For

The right goggles will fit snugly around your face, but not tightly. These goggles will protect your eyes from all angles, including the front, sides, bottom, and top of your face. To maintain airflow and comfort, you may opt for goggles that have vents.

For outdoor applications, consider a pair of safety goggles that have colored lenses. The right lenses will shield your eyes from harmful UV radiation and painful brightness. Here are some suggestions:

  • Dark green
  • Brown
  • Gold, blue, and silver mirrors

Make sure that you try on your goggles to get the right fit and level of protection. If ordering online, confirm the exchange or return process in case the goggles do not meet your needs. Most importantly, do not go without! These goggles can protect you against a long list of injuries.

To avoid having to clean your gutters altogether, you may consider investing in the Leaf Slugger gutter cleaning prevention system. With this water management system, you can forgo the cleaning process and spend your time on more exciting tasks.