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The Leaf Slugger Gutter Protection Features and Benefits

Combining Science and Function to Create a Durable Water Management Solution

The Leaf Slugger water management system is more than the sum of its parts. Made up of scientifically engineered gutter guards and caps, this gutter protection system provides your home with a long list of benefits. Among them are:

  • The prevention of damaging debris build-up
  • The management of water flow, which safeguards against overflows and water damage to several parts of your home
  • Stronger gutter systems that are more durable and effective

The Leaf Slugger water management system is one of a kind system, as evidenced by the fact that it holds four individual United States patents for its design and function. This gutter protection system is the strongest on the market, as it can withstand up to 190 pounds of pressure and extreme winds.

The product’s durability and strength are due to both the construction and design of the Leaf Slugger system. The Speed Channel Hoods are made of .027 grade aluminum, which is the thickest in the gutter protection industry. Additionally, our Speed Brackets bolster your existing gutters to create a water management system that is stronger than any other. This water management system will provide both peace of mind and maximum protection against water damage.

Highlights of Leaf Slugger Construction and Function

  • Made of the thickest aluminum in the gutter protection industry
  • Can withstand winds of up to 110 miles per hour, as well as 190 pounds of pressure
  • Developed according to the science of water adhesion, using a series of tiers and other design features to guide water into gutters while preventing debris from entering the gutter system
  • Prevents ice dams
  • Features a permanent finish that is maintenance-free
  • Offers a low-profile solution that enhances curb appeal

Secure, Reliable Installation

  • Speed Channel Hoods are mounted onto the roof and the gutters, providing effective coverage and reliable gutter protection.
  • All pieces are sealed to ensure permanent functionality.
  • The positioning of the Leaf Slugger water management system prevents water from running behind gutters.
  • Patented Spring Brackets both secure gutter guards and strengthen existing gutters.
  • Existing gutters are not replaced, reducing waste and improving the environmental impact of your home.

Leaf Slugger Sizes and Colors

Leaf Slugger gutter guards come in 12 different colors, so you are certain to find a shade to match your home. Additionally, they fit standard five and six-inch gutters, so virtually all gutter systems can benefit from the strength and effective water management that Leaf Slugger provides.

Are you ready to improve your gutter system while protecting your home against water damage? Call us today to learn more about the benefits and features that the Leaf Slugger water management system has to offer!