The average homeowner knows that keeping a clean, effective gutter system is critical in maintaining a safe home. Gutters ward off water damage, mold, mildew, and other problems that can create expensive repair bills and, if severe, interfere with your family’s daily living. Despite this fact, many homeowners find it inconvenient, expensive, and even dangerous to maintain clean gutters and downspouts. Certainly, cleaning a home’s gutters can take hours to do yourself and requires you to make your way up and down a ladder—which can cause severe injury if you have an accident. Likewise, paying for professional gutter cleaning can be expensive, costing hundreds of dollars for a thorough job. To avoid both the necessity of cleaning their own gutters and the cost associated with having someone else clean them, homeowners are turning to gutter guards.

Gutter guards, like the Leaf Slugger water management system, protect your home’s gutters from debris. By keeping leaves, twigs, rodents, pine cones, needles, and other items out of your gutters, gutter guards make it virtually effortless to maintain a clean gutter system.

Leaf Slugger gutter guards are designed to let water flow easily through your gutters and downspouts without admitting access to the debris that can cause damaging clogs. A panel that fits over your gutter, the gutter guard allows this debris to slide harmlessly from your roof, over the gutter, and away from the house. Meanwhile, using the principle of adhesion, water flows down the roof, across the gutter guard, and into the gutter. No clogs, no overflows, and no water damage.

As you can see, gutter guards can save time and money while keeping you from risking life and limb in an effort to maintain clean gutters. With virtually zero maintenance, Leaf Slugger gutter guards will allow you to enjoy the benefits of an optimally working gutter system without the hassle of keeping it clean.