Hiring professional gutter cleaners is a great way to go. Not only will it save you time, it will keep you from putting yourself in a dangerous situation. Climbing ladders, reaching to clear debris, and doing it all while using a hose to make sure that your gutters have been properly cleaned is risky. Professional gutter cleaners have the experience—and gear—necessary to avoid the accidents that often occur with DIY gutter cleaning projects.

But hiring just any gutter cleaning service will not do. When choosing the right professional team, ask these questions to make sure that the gutter cleaners you hire are qualified.

1.     Does the company have any references? If not, move onto another company. If references are available, check them and ask questions that most concern you. For instance, ask if the team was professional, if the debris was cleaned up after being pulled out of the gutters, etc.

2.     Is the company insured? How would any damage to your home, created by the professionals, be handled? Is the homeowner free of liability associated with injuries sustained on the job? This is particularly important, as injuries happen more often than you may assume. Gutter cleaning can be a very dangerous activity.

3.     How much will the service cost, total? Getting a quote is important in deciding which gutter cleaning company to go with. Oftentimes, a free quote will be available to you. Don’t just go with the cheapest quoted price, though. Sometimes, paying a bit more will result in higher quality, more professional work that is worth the extra cash.

Gutter cleaning is a crucial aspect of home maintenance. With the right gutter cleaning team, your home’s gutters and downspouts can be free of debris and clogs year round. If you want to forgo bi-annual cleaning bills, though, check out the Leaf Slugger gutter protection system!