rotten wood

rotten wood

There are plenty of ways in which moisture can damage a home—particularly if there aren’t good, clean gutters in place. Of course, not all moisture damage is the result of a faulty gutter system. The truth is that wood rot can happen throughout the home, and its causes can be myriad.

The good news is that wood rot is something that is, to a large degree, preventable. It’s also repairable, but rest assured that, if given the option, you’re going to want to prevent wood rot rather than reverse it! By following these tips, you can effectively minimize the risk of wood rot in your home.

1.  There are different kinds of lumber that are treated to be decay resistant. Those are obviously the kinds of lumber you’re going to want to use if you decide to build a new patio or deck. Of course, for any non-new constructions, you’re not going to have that kind of choice in the matter!

2.  You’re also going to want to ensure that crawlspace vents remain open—year-round, but especially during the summer months. This can go a long way toward ensuring the humidity and moisture don’t get trapped somewhere in your home where they could potentially cause damage.

3.  Moisture can get in through any kind of cracks, particularly around doorframes or windows. Use caulk to minimize these cracks as best you can.

4.  If you have any untreated and unpainted wood—in an unfinished basement or on a deck—you can buy sealants that can be easily applied. These are great products for preventing moisture damage.

5.  An easy bit of household maintenance is to simply ensure that you don’t have dirt or soil building up on untreated wood areas—because of course, dirt and soil will trap moisture and lead to wood rot in a hurry!

And finally, a good gutter system really is important. If the gutter is clogged with debris, water can spill behind the gutters and potentially get inside your home—a sure way to develop major moisture problems. Investing in a water management system for your gutters is really investing in your entire home, protecting it from the threat of massive-scale wood rot!