Affordable, Reliable and Permanent Gutter Protection

  • Eliminates ice dams and overflow damage
  • Corrects gutter function by properly controlling water flow
  • Patented design technology in function and attachment
  • Lowest profile gutter cover in the industry for added curb appeal
  • Compared to lesser systems Leaf Slugger is Competitively priced
  • Uses the most durable materials in its Class
  • Leaf Slugger utilizes existing gutters making it Earth friendly
  • Reinforces your current gutter system extending it’s life
  • Can handle hurricane force winds.
  • Integration with your roof is seamless
  • Manufactured in the USA 
  • All warranties are at the discretion of the Dealer who originally installed the Product

Leaf Slugger™ – A Gutter Cleaning Prevention System™

The Leaf Slugger™ gutter cleaning prevention and water management system is an efficient way to keep your gutters clean. You know that gutter protection is a necessity if you want to defend your home against the elements—but did you know that gutter covers, gutter shields, and gutter caps are not your only options? The Leaf Slugger™ gutter protection system is a proven solution to your gutter needs!

When your gutters are unprotected, they can become clogged with leaves, branches, and other debris. When this happens, water cannot easily flow through them, which can cause ice dams and other damage. Your gutters are supposed to facilitate the draining of water, not disrupt it! If gutters are blocked, heavy rain, ice, and melting snow can wreak havoc on your home.

The Leaf Slugger™ water management system takes advantage of water adhesion to direct rain away from your roof and into your gutters. A permanent and comprehensive solution, this system helps you avoid the disastrous consequences that clogged gutters can have.