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Helping people protect their homes across the USA and Canada

LeafSlugger Micro is the better solution to your clogged gutters!

Made from 30 weight high grade surgical stainless steel micro mesh


Frame is made of .019 high grade aluminum

Can not been seen at ground level

3 colors to match your homes exteriors!

Micro is made from the strongest aluminum in the industry. It comes with a aluminum base underneath the mesh that provides it's stability to withstand time.

Leaf Slugger Micro.png
Gutter Guard Home

LeafSlugger Cover permanently protects your home!

LeafSlugger Cover uses science of water adhesion


Cover is made of .027 high grade aluminum

Hold up to 190 pounds of pressure

Withstand t0 120 mph winds.

The Speed Channel Hoods goes underneath the second course of shingles on your roof and are sealed to ensure permanent functionality. This positioning of the Leaf Slugger prevents water from running behind gutters. 

LeafSlugger keeps your gutters from being clogged which can cause:

Rotten Fascia Board

Standing water that bugs like to get a drink from

Basement Flooding

Foundation Damage


We are located all over the USA!

Fill out the form to see if there is a certified installer in your area! 

With our lifetime warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your gutters and entire home are protected for life.

We are proud to be a USA company with our manufacturing facility located in Newton, NC

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*California has determined that aluminum may cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm.

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I installed Leaf Slugger gutter guards just before Florence made its way through North Carolina. Fortunately the storm did not give our area its worst punch but I still had to go out during the worst of the rain and see how my new gutter guards were working. Perfectly! They were stable, leaves were flowing on top, and the downspouts were channeling clean water.

Wish I had done this years ago!Rev Bob Thompson

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