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Leaf Slugger's


The installation process is different for each system we have. Our cover, as seen in the video below, will be mounted underneath your roof's 2nd course of shingles, whereas our micro is a fascia mount and will be screwed into your homes fascia board.


On-Sight Estimate

During your LeafSlugger on-sight Estimate, one of our professionals will inspect and measure your gutters, then make some recommendations for your home. You will receive a customized quote that is good for a full year!



Our local installers will schedule with you a time to come and install the LeafSlugger system on your home. All of our installers are trained professionals that have been qualified to install our LeafSlugger system on your home.


Register Warranty

After your installation, we recommend registering your lifetime, warranty by mailing it to your local installer home office for them to keep in their records. 

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