LeafSlugger has two different styles of Gutter Covers, each have their own unique installation process.

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Inspection and Prep

During the on-sight estimate our installers will take a look at your gutters to see if there are any leaks or damages that may cause you to have a faulty gutter system. They may at this time recommend new gutters or repairs if needed. When they come back to install, they will check again for any leaks or damages that may have occurred since their first visit. If all looks good, they will clean out any debris or clogs and begin to prep to the gutter guard installation.

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Tiers and other design features to guide water into gutters while preventing debris from entering the gutter system

Mounted under the second shingle on your roof

LeafSluggers Patented Bracket is placed every 2 feet apart in your gutters for maximum strength

13 Different Colors Available


Cover will be mounted up underneath your second roof shingle. Don’t worry this doesn’t nullify any roof warranties! This gutter guard placement offers extra support for weight caused by ice or snow. Our patent bracket goes in your gutters and hooks around both your gutter and cover.


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Fascia Mount

Louvered Aluminum Base 

4 Different Colors 

High quality surgical stainless steel 30 weight micro mesh


Micro is screwed right on top of your gutters and mounted to the fascia board. It can not be seen from ground level but certainly protects your gutters well from any debris getting in.