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LeafSlugger Dealer Program


Click "Check Now!" to see if your area is available and you will get more info on the dealer program like profit potential!

Looking to add another profit center to your business?


Looking to purchase Gutter Guards Wholesale?  Are you currently in business and seeking a new product to offer your customers?  Are you looking to get in business for yourself and be your own boss?  Leaf Slugger could be your answer, with a product today's homeowners are seeking and with great profit potential.  


We are a manufacturer of 3 Gutter Guards.  We offer 2 Premium Covers and a Micro Mesh encased in Aluminum (very similar to Leaf Filter). 

Leaf Slugger Micro.png


-We only allow one dealer per zip code.

-When you become a Dealer you are in the "Club" and with that you get wholesale pricing, help when you run into a problem, newsletters to keep you in front of the market with new ideas along with a forum to share ideas with other dealers.

-National Rankings and recognition in our monthly newsletter.

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The cost to become a Leaf Slugger dealer is ONLY $199, you will receive Online Training on how to Sell/Market Leaf Slugger, 50 Brochures, Product Display to show the Homeowner, Color Samples, and a free Leaf Slugger Hoodie or Polo. Fill the form out below and get a free PDF with more dealer information including profit potential and pro tips!


1. Fill out the application below to see if your area is available for a new LeafSlugger Dealer.​

2. We will reach back out to you and let you know if that area is open for a new dealer and if you are approved to be a LeafSlugger Dealer.

3. Once you are approved, you purchase the New Dealer Starter Package which includes your zip code, marketing material, installation training, and our latest recording of our LeafSlugger University training. 

4. You are done!


Now its time for you to be searching for a gutter installer, home remodeler/contractor to install your product. Many of our smaller dealers install it themselves picking up extra profit. ​Other potential start up costs are:

​$50 - $150 - Local Business License

​Also you will want to consider the cost of advertising in your local market.




If you decide to become a dealer, we will train you all about the gutter industry.  Here is what you will learn in LeafSlugger University:

  • Sales techniques on how to sell the LeafSlugger system

  • How to sell gutters, even if you can't afford to own a Gutter Machine you will learn how to find a subcontractor to install gutters for you

  • How to measure a home for new gutters and learn about the different type of gutters on the market

  • How the Leaf Slugger gutter protection system works and how to sell it

  • A checklist of items you will need to complete if you are opening your new business

  • How to advertise your business on sites like Facebook, Home Advisor, and Angie's List.

  • We connect you with finance companies that will allow your customers to finance their gutter project.

  • How to install the system (if you have a subcontractor installer they will need to learn this part)

  • How much to pay an installer.


Do you like to compete?  Our newsletter contains national rankings so you can see how you are doing versus the competition.



Some of our dealers install Leaf Slugger themselves and some hire a subcontractor to install them.  We will teach you how much to pay your subcontractor and how to find a subcontractor.


If you currently own a business like a landscaping, electrical, plumbing, or any other business and you are looking to add an income producer to your lineup, LeafSlugger is your answer.  When you add LeafSlugger to your existing business, you have instant name recognition giving you credibility with today's homeowners.


If you currently install gutters and gutter guards, you will love being a LeafSlugger dealer.  Why?  Simple, you can offer 3 different gutter guards to your customer one of which is truly unique in the market giving you a competitive advantage.  


Tired of seeing all these new roofing companies popping up everywhere? Want a product that will give you an extra closing tool?

Many of our largest dealers are roofers.  They offer the LeafSlugger system and the Lifetime, No Clog Warranty with each Roof Quote.  This allows them to separate themselves from all the competition by offering the homeowner something that they can't get with other roofing companies.


Some dealers choose to clean gutters and only install the system.  They set their business up to do cleanings and then sell the system to homeowners.  These dealers do not offer new gutters but instead concentrate on gutter cleaning/covers exclusively. Once they sell the system the homeowner won't ever need their services, however the profit opportunity is huge with one sale of Leaf Slugger System.

If you can clean gutters, this is a great and easy way to open your new business.  First, gutter cleaners are hard to find so your competition is scarce.  Next, if you decide to buy leads from companies like Home Advisor or Angie's List their "gutter cleaning" leads are very inexpensive, so your marketing costs are lower. 



Do you know how much you can make selling Gutter Guards? Want to know more about profit potential? When you fill the form out below, we will send you an email with more information in it about profit potential, how the dealer program works, etc.


Our Gutter Guards are unique because they come with a Lifetime, No Clog warranty, unlike the products offered in home improvement stores. Leaf Slugger has been in business since 2003 and has been installed on over 25,000 homes. 

We currently have over 100+ dealers nationwide with some selling 70 to 100 homes quarterly and generating incredible income.   We also have several dealers that do business part time and pick up additional income. 


LeafSlugger offers three types of gutter guards.  Premium, Cover (both premium and cover are a hood/helmet style) and Micro (very similar to the TV brands except ours is all aluminum).


Leaf Slugger Premium and Cover
Leaves and debris can sit on gutter guards and without high winds don't move eventually create clogs.  Companies even have created a brush to remove this debris but that's so aggravating for a homeowner (see video of the brush below). Leaf Slugger Premium and Cover are simply incredible as they don't allow any debris to sit on it so the homeowner will never have to clean their gutter guards.  It has a streamlined look and is secured underneath the second shingle making it extremely sturdy. If you want to install the best and highest quality guard LeafSlugger Premium or Cover are your answer. 


These guards are made from .027" aluminum and has a patented bracket that holds heavy weight.  They comes with a Lifetime, No Clog Warranty.



Leaf Slugger Micro Mesh is comparable to the large TV brands, however it is made from aluminum with a 20 year warranty and a surgical stainless steel mesh that sits flat on the gutter.  It can disperse heavy water flow, is great if you have a metal roof or pine needles or a tree with those "helicopters." The Micro Mesh guards you find on major websites and home improvement stores is similar but with LeafSlugger Micro Mesh you get an aluminum frame underneath the mesh which gives it stability and longevity vs the cheap mesh products.

Photo Dec 22, 11 04 16 AM.png

.019 High Grade Aluminum

Mounted under the second shingle on your roof

LeafSluggers Patented Bracket 

13 Colors 

Photo Dec 22, 11 09 35 AM.png

Louvered Aluminum Base 

4 Different Colors 

High quality surgical stainless steel 30 weight micro mesh

Fascia Mount

Check out the Products Page and our YouTube channel to get more details! 
LeafSlugger Facility 
Located in Newton, NC


The Answers You Need

Does LeafSlugger charge a monthly franchise fee?
No, there are no monthly or ongoing fees or franchise fees.


Is there a minimum order?
No, you only order once you have sold an installation.  You will learn in training how to take a deposit from each customer that allows you to purchase the product and not have any risk of loss.


When I have an exclusive Zip Code, what does that mean exactly?
We only allow 1 dealer per zip code, all leads that come through our national website will be forwarded to you.  There are no restrictions on selling in other areas, so if you have a customer in another area you are completely "ok" to sell them LeafSlugger.

I have zero experience in Home Improvement, can I still succeed?
Yes, you can!  Many of our dealers started out with zero experience and trained to become a LeafSlugger installer.  Even if you can't hang a picture, you can still sell gutter guards.  You must be able to communicate with people, you then hire the "installer" to do the job.


How do I find customers?
There are several ways to find homeowner's wanting Leaf Slugger.  One is simply putting it on Facebook or hand out business cards to friends/acquaintances.  You will learn the many different ways to market in our training.


If you decide to install LeafSlugger yourself, you will need to follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines for installing gutters and obey all local laws. Please click here to learn more.

*Please check with your state regarding requirements for a business license, some states require a home improvement license. Insurance required in all states, always follow OSHA regulations. All examples of Profit Potential vary by dealer. If you reside in California, you may need a Sheet Metal Contractors license to install gutters. Please check with your local county office for details. LeafSlugger is both a manufacturer and distributor of Gutter Guards.

California residents warning - 
California has determined that aluminum may cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm.


Perks of being a certified LeafSlugger Dealer

Sales/Marketing Training Classes

Installation Training Videos

Ability to offer 3 different gutter guards in the industry with color choices most other companies don't have to offer.

Discounted prices on gutter supplies

Quick turnaround time on all shipments 


Digital artwork/videos used to help you market with

Enrolled in our National Ranking Leadboards where you have the chance to win competitions and prizes

Access to a community of other dealers across the country that are a phone call away

Submit the form here and we will send you some more information about profit potential, turnaround time, and answer any other questions you may have!


Thanks! We will be in touch with you soon!

Want more information?

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