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Dealer Program

Leaf Slugger's

Your solution to your business needs!

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Benefits for your business

1. Exclusive Territory 

We only allow 1 dealer per zip code, all leads that come through our national website will be forwarded to you.  There are no restrictions on selling in other areas, so if you have a customer in another area you are completely "ok" to sell them Leaf Slugger.

2. Additional profit revenue

Give us a call or fill the form out below to learn more about this incredible opportunity. Just fill out your information so we can send you everything you need to understand the profit potential.   

3. Higher grade product 

All of our products are made from a high grade aluminum that will hold up through the test of time. Most covers are made from a polymer polyurethane mix that will crack and break after a few years under the sun. 

4. Do it yourself 

With LeafSlugger you have the opportunity to be your own boss. We don't dictate how you should sell, or advertise. However we do provide free marketing material and other resources that are available to you for advertising if you are new to the business. 

Construction Workers

What is Leaf Slugger Dealer Program?

Leaf Slugger's Dealer Program gains you access to our exclusive product only sold and installed by certified trained installers. When you become a Leaf Slugger Dealer you will have access to our all of our training, including installation of Leaf Slugger's systems, Sales training, and you will also gain unlimited access to all of our marketing material that you can use if you so choose in your marketing campaigns.

Become a Dealer Anchor

How to become a dealer?


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