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Dealers login here to Order or Access LeafSlugger's Sales Tools & Resources!


Any questions about LeafSlugger Dealer Program please fill out the form below or contact the head of our Customer Service Department:

Sarah Ann O'Hara

Text or Call @ 828-368-4729

Toll Free @ 800-273-6080

Welcome Back Dealers!


Thanks! We will be in touch with you soon!

Perks of being a certified LeafSlugger Dealer

Sales/Marketing Training Classes

Installation Training Videos

Ability to offer 2 different gutter guards in the industry with color choices most other companies don't have to offer

Discounted prices on gutter supplies

Quick turnaround time on all shipments 


Digital artwork/videos used to help you market with

Enrolled in our National Ranking Leaderboards where you have the chance to win competitions and prizes

Access to a community of other dealers across the country that are a phone call away

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