LeafSlugger Dealer Program

When you add LeafSlugger to your business, you have instant name recognition giving you credibility with today's homeowners. Fill out the form below to apply to become a dealer today!

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Looking to purchase Gutter Guards Wholesale?  Are you currently in business and seeking a new product to offer your customers?  Are you looking to get in business for yourself and be your own boss?  ​If you currently own a business like a landscaping, electrical, plumbing, or any other business and you are looking to add an income producer to your lineup, Leaf Slugger is your answer. 

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LeafSlugger Dealer program has a lot to offer business owners, or those looking at starting their own new business. Here are some of the perks of being a Leaf Slugger Dealer:

  • Exclusive Zip Code Area to each Dealer

  • Exclusive Product only sold and installed by certified dealers

  • Our Gutter Guards are made from a high quality aluminum

  • Great Profit potential

  • American Made and Produced

  • Sales and Marketing Training through LeafSlugger University

  • 2-3 day ship time from day of purchase

  • Registered in our National Rankings to win prizes and compete against other dealers nationwide

  • Comes with a Lifetime, No Clog warranty, unlike the products offered in home improvement stores 

  • We have been in business since 2003 and has been installed on over 25,000 homes

  • We currently have over 100+ dealers nationwide with some selling 70 to 100 homes quarterly and generating incredible income

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If you decide to become a dealer, we will train you all about the gutter industry.  Here is what you will learn in LeafSlugger University:

  • Sales techniques on how to sell the LeafSlugger system

  • How to sell gutters, even if you can't afford to own a Gutter Machine you will learn how to find a subcontractor to install gutters for you

  • How to measure a home for new gutters and learn about the different type of gutters on the market

  • How the Leaf Slugger gutter protection system works and how to sell it

  • A checklist of items you will need to complete if you are opening your new business

  • How to advertise your business on sites like Facebook, Home Advisor, and Angie's List.

  • We connect you with finance companies that will allow your customers to finance their gutter project.

  • How to install the system (if you have a subcontractor installer they will need to learn this part)

  • How much to pay an installer.

LeafSlugger University

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How does it work and what is the process?

  1. Fill out the application below to see if your area is available for a new LeafSlugger Dealer.​

  2. We will reach back out to you and let you know if that area is open for a new dealer and if you are approved to be a LeafSlugger Dealer.

  3. Once you are approved, you purchase the New Dealer Starter Package which includes your zip code, marketing material, installation training, and our latest recording of our LeafSlugger University training. 

  4. You are done!



Now its time for you to be searching for a gutter installer, home remodeler/contractor to install your product. Many of our smaller dealers install it themselves picking up extra profit. ​Other potential start up costs are:

  • $50 - $150 - Local Business License

  • ​Also you will want to consider the cost of advertising in your local market.

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Perks of being a certified LeafSlugger Dealer

Sales/Marketing Training Classes

Opt in to our Lead Generation Program

Installation Training Videos

Ability to offer 2 different gutter guards in the industry with color choices most other companies don't have to offer.

Discounted prices on gutter supplies

Quick turnaround time on all shipments 


Digital artwork/videos used to help you market with

Enrolled in our National Ranking Leadboards where you have the chance to win competitions and prizes

Access to a community of other dealers across the country that are a phone call away

Submit the form here and we will send you some more information about profit potential, turnaround time, and answer any other questions you may have!


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