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Dealer FAQ's

  • Does Gutter Pro USA charge a monthly franchise fee?

    • No, there are no monthly or ongoing fees or franchise fees.​

  • Is there a minimum order?

    • Only the Dealer Startup Program. It cost $199 and includes all the material you will need to get started selling LeafSlugger. Check it out in our Store! 

  • When I have an exclusive Zip Code, what does that mean exactly?

    • We only allow 1 dealer per zip code, all leads that come through our national website will be forwarded to you. There are no restrictions on selling in other areas. If you have a customer in another area you are completely "ok" to sell them LeafSlugger. 

  • I have zero experience in Home Improvement, can I still succeed?

    • Yes you can!  Many of our dealers started out with zero experience and trained to become a Gutter Pro.  Even if you can't hang a picture, you can still sell gutter guards.  You must be able to communicate with people, you then hire the "installer" to do the job.

  • How do I find customers?

    • There are several ways to find homeowner's wanting Leaf Slugger.  One is simply putting it on Facebook or hand out business cards to friends/acquaintances.  You will learn the many different ways to market in our university training video.

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