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Dealer FAQ's

Does LeafSlugger charge a monthly franchise fee?
No, there are no monthly or ongoing fees or franchise fees.


Is there a minimum order?
No, you only order once you have sold an installation.  You will learn in training how to take a deposit from each customer that allows you to purchase the product and not have any risk of loss.


When I have an exclusive Zip Code, what does that mean exactly?
We only allow 1 dealer per zip code, all leads that come through our national website will be forwarded to you.  There are no restrictions on selling in other areas, so if you have a customer in another area you are completely "ok" to sell them LeafSlugger.


How do I find customers?
There are several ways to find homeowner's wanting Leaf Slugger.  One is simply putting it on Facebook or hand out business cards to friends/acquaintances.  You will learn the many different ways to market in our training.


If you decide to install LeafSlugger yourself, you will need to follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines for installing gutters and obey all local laws. Please click here to learn more.

*Please check with your state regarding requirements for a business license, some states require a home improvement license. Insurance required in all states, always follow OSHA regulations. All examples of Profit Potential vary by dealer. If you reside in California, you may need a Sheet Metal Contractors license to install gutters. Please check with your local county office for details. LeafSlugger is both a manufacturer and distributor of Gutter Guards.

California residents warning - 
California has determined that aluminum may cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm.


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