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When you add LeafSlugger to your business, you have instant name recognition giving you credibility with today's homeowners, and now we have made it easier for your business to get in a steady flow of traffic!


Our Lead Generation Program is designed to send customers straight to you on your own website. You will get a guaranteed minimum of 10 warm leads a month which could result in a 10 sales a month or more!


Whats perfect about our lead generation program is:

  • We send the customers directly to you!
  • It can be a one time purchase for one month 
  • or you can make this a monthly subscription! 
  • We have several different options to choose from


How it works:

  • One Purchase is good for one whole month.




  • Level 1 

    • 50 Clicks a month on your website​

    • Usually produces 5-10 warm leads


  • Level 2

    • 100 Clicks a month on your website

    • Usually produces 10-25 warm leads


  • Level 3 ​

    • 150 Clicks a month on your website ​

    • Usually produces 20-50 warm leads

Lead Generation Program

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